Tipping is popular, and only getting bigger, especially on Twitter. The creator economy is growing substantially year-over-year and tipping represents roughly half of all in-app payments for creator features on iOS, according to internal data from Apple. Effective monetization solutions are not one-size-fits-all, and the main reason why providing creators with an effective monetization toolkit, is so important.


It’s never been possible for creators to earn money directly from the content they create on Twitter. Over the years we’ve seen customers try to capitalize on viral Tweets within their replies by promoting their social accounts or linking to external payment platforms but we know there’s a better, more seamless option.


Partnering with product, engineering and research leads, we decided to give fans the ability to buy and give awards directly from Tweets, right in the moment that they experienced it using in-app purchases.

Customers will buy these awards with a new virtual currency and once received, creators will be able to exchange those awards for another virtual currency which are then cashed out for cash via Stripe payouts to their bank account.

Dan Galdamez