Masterbuilt is a company built on tradition, offering innovative digital grills, griddles, electric smokers, propane smokers, fryers and more. Their standard of excellence is to design and build the most innovative products in the industry helping their customers master the art of simplifying cooking at home.


Masterbuilt’s iOS and Android apps were extremely outdated and offered little support to those with newer bluetooth enabled devices. Customers had issues pairing their devices due to outdated technical requirements and misleading product documentation. Customers complained that competitive products offered better software solutions but inferior hardware and looked for a more seamless solution from Masterbuilt.


With the release of their updated Bluetooth enabled smokers and enhanced brand identity, we designed and introduced the next generation of the Masterbuilt app for iOS and Android. Customers would gain access to hundreds of recipes, be able add their favorite smokers with a reimagined pairing process and control their current smoking sessions by monitoring their devices temperature, time and smoke levels.

Dan Galdamez