Squad is the best place to hang out with friends. Squad’s mission was to reduce loneliness and increase human connection through fun and engaging virtual activities during the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Squad was featured in the App Store and the Snap Partner Summit as part of our partnership with Snapchat and Camera Kit. Squad was acquired by Twitter in 2020.


There’s a very real problem with loneliness caused by today’s most popular forms of social media. People of all ages are reporting that they lack strong, meaningful relationships. Gen-Z has a difficult time replicating the spontaneity of their everyday lives on social apps. They want variation, options and the ability to customize their experiences to match how they interact with their friends. Most social apps focus on the individual and fail to offer experiences that bring people closer together.


The way we build meaningful relationships in the real world is through talking and doing things together, so that’s what Squad facilitated virtually. Partnering with research, we heard from Gen-Z customers, how much it mattered that they could “sit” together to watch their favorite YouTube videos, TikTok’s or be able to show each other who slid into their DM’s. In the spirit of making the experience more fun and a lot less rigid, we created a platform for iOS, Android and web where our customers could express themselves, have engaging conversations, meet new people and grow the community they want to be a part of.

Dan Galdamez