Nike’s history is rooted in track & field. When Bill Bowerman started as coach for the University of Oregon track team in 1948, most running shoes looked like a pair of leather dress shoes with nails driven through the soles. Bowerman was always hunting for new ways to make shoes lighter, faster, and more efficient with every step. Today, Nike is seen as a global leader in the track & field industry offering innovative solutions for athletes in the space.


Nike Track & Field lacked a hub where athletes and enthusiasts could go to not only find the latest gear, but also read up on news, interviews and tips. Track & field athletes of all levels wanted an experience that spoke to their sport specifically and offered the same level of innovation as sports like football, basketball and soccer.


Nike Track & Field has everything you’ll need to get competition-ready. Desktop and mobile experiences were created to offer track & field athletes a place where they could see this season’s gear while gaining exclusive access to athlete interviews and pro tips for Nike+ members.

Dan Galdamez