Nike was one of the first brands to venture into the world of personalization when it launched Nike iD in 2000. With Nike iD, you can customize your favorite shoes and let your imagination run wild selecting colors, materials and adding your own text or graphics. The original Nike iD experience was designed and developed in Flash and in need of a much needed revamp.


Historically, Nike iD failed to provide customers with a realistic sense of the silhouette they were customizing. Inaccurate materials, color swatches and placement of text & graphics were the most repeated complaints. Customers also noted that the final product they received was far different then what they thought they had customized, leading to high return rates. Additionally, customers saw little reason to return, given the outdated product experience and failure to understand the premium purchase price.


Nike iD was redesigned and built to be a responsive design system, adapting to the needs of customers and the devices they’re using. All components were designed and built with a “mobile first” mentality, leading to a more premium experience that enabled customers to feel more confident in their customization choices. Additionally, customers could save their designs when using the logged in experience for Nike iD or pick from iD inspirations to spark their creativity.

Dan Galdamez