Insteon offers superior smart lighting and electrical control by allowing lights, light switches, thermostats, motion sensors and other electrical devices to interoperate through power lines, radio frequency communications or both. Insteon signals travel further without interruption than any other technology. And with dual-band, power line and wireless obstructions rarely impede signals, resulting in 100x more reliability than single-band networks.


Insteon’s product offering was complicated and mainly focused on B2B customer solutions. With the release of the Insteon Hub, Insteon was looking to introduce a better solution to the masses that offered a simplified setup process and easier connectivity that even the most novice user could understand.


A react native app was designed and built to work with Insteon’s most popular lighting control products such as wall switches, keypads and plugs, giving customers the ability to control, monitor and automate their homes from anywhere. The app provided a simplified design to assist with managing customers homes and gave quick and easy access to devices and scenes. New one-touch actions also made it easy to quickly control multiple devices in the home, all from the same screen.

Dan Galdamez